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        • Mayu Pedro Ximenez 2016 Front Label
          Mayu Pedro Ximenez 2016
          Pedro Ximénez from Elqui Valley, Chile
          • RP90
          0.0 0 Ratings
          Out of Stock (was $15.99)
        • Alvear Tres Miradas Para de Rio Frio 3er Ano 2016  Front Label
          Alvear Tres Miradas Para de Rio Frio 3er Ano 2016
          Pedro Ximénez from Montilla-Moriles, Spain
          • V93
          3.3 6 Ratings
          Out of Stock (was $32.99)
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        Learn about Pedro Ximénez — taste profile, popular regions and more …

        The grape with the coolest name and some of the greatest fame in the wine-growing world, Pedro Ximénez is responsible for a wide range of wne styles from sweet sherries in Spain, botrytized dessert wine in Australia and Pisco production in Chile.

        Pedro Ximénez is a white variety grown in Andalucia (south-central Spain). Primarily used in the production of sweet, late harvest Sherry, it can also make a crisp and dry white wine in southern Spain. New South Wales, Australia produces Pedro Ximénez and Palomino (the other major sherry grape) in botrytized form to produce the rich and golden sweet wine called McWilliam’s Pedro Sauterne. This is also Chile’s grape for Pisco production and makes a lovely varietal dry white from the Elqui Valley.

        Tasting Notes for Pedro Ximénez

        Pedro Ximénex makes a dry white wine with fresh fennel, apple and mineral qualities. When produced in a sherry style, it is sweet and rich in notes of figs, dates, coffee, and honey.

        Perfect Food Pairings for Pedro Ximénez

        As a dry white wine, Pedro Ximénez goes spendidly with meals that call for fresh fish like ceviche and sushi; when produced in its sweet sherry style, pair the dessert wine with fruit cake and chocolate creme brûlée. Intriguingly, both styles pair well with various ages of manchego.

        Sommelier Secrets for Pedro Ximénez

        The origin by which the grape takes its name Pedro Ximénez, aka PX, was once mistakenly attributed to the legend of a German soldier traveling through the Iberian Peninsula. While DNA evidence proves this legend incorrect and casts the grape’s introduction to the region to an Arabian source, the name’s origin is still unclear.

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