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          • Mirassou Moscato 2020  Front Label
            Mirassou Moscato 2020
            Muscat from California
              3.7 9 Ratings
              11 99
            • Bava Moscato d'Asti Bass Tuba 2020  Front Label
              Bava Moscato d'Asti Bass Tuba 2020
              Muscat from Asti, Piedmont, Italy
                0.0 0 Ratings
                18 99
              • Marchesi di Barolo Zagara Moscato d'Asti 2020  Front Label
                Marchesi di Barolo Zagara Moscato d'Asti 2020
                Muscat from Asti, Piedmont, Italy
                  0.0 0 Ratings
                  25 99
                • Zind-Humbrecht Goldert Muscat 2020  Front Label
                  Zind-Humbrecht Goldert Muscat 2020
                  Muscat from Alsace, France
                  • JS95
                  0.0 0 Ratings
                  77 99
                • Zind-Humbrecht Muscat 2020  Front Label
                  Zind-Humbrecht Muscat 2020
                  Muscat from Alsace, France
                    0.0 0 Ratings
                    29 99
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                  Learn about Muscat / Moscato — taste profile, popular regions and more ...

                  Alluringly aromatic and delightful, Muscat wine never takes itself too seriously. Muscat is actually an umbrella name for a diverse set of grapes, some of which are genetically related and some of which, are not. The two most important versions are the noble, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, and Muscat of Alexandria, thought to be a progeny of the former. Both are grown throughout the world and can be made in a wide range of styles from dry to sweet, still to sparkling and even fortified. Muscat wine is well-known in Italy's Piedmont region (where it goes by Moscato) mainly as Moscato d’Asti, a slightly sparkling, semi-sweet, refreshing wine low in alcohol. On the Iberian Peninsula, it goes by Moscatel, not to be confused with Muscadelle from Bordeaux, which is actually unrelated.

                  Tasting Notes for Muscat / Moscato

                  Muscat / Moscato makes a dry, sweet or sparkling white wine. Regardless, Muscat wines always possess marked aromatics of rose petal, jasmine, honeysuckle or orange blosson. These wines can have flavors of peach, pear, Meyer lemon, orange and lychee, often with a hint of sweet spice.

                  Perfect Food Pairings for Muscat

                  Muscat is a perfect match for Asian cuisine and other spicy foods. Off-dry wines can work well with lighter desserts like key lime pie and lemon meringue, while fully sweet Muscat / Moscato-based dessert wines are enjoyable after dinner with an assortment of cheeses.

                  Sommelier Secrets for Muscat / Moscato

                  Muscat wine is one of the oldest known grape varieties, dating as far back as the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Pliny the Elder wrote in the 13th century of a sweet, perfumed grape variety so attractive to bees that he referred to it as uva apiana, or “grape of the bees.” Most likely, he was describing one of the Muscat wine varieties.

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