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Bordeaux Futures

What are Bordeaux Futures?

With Bordeaux Futures, you are buying wine before it's released (1-2 years early)! Futures, or en primeur, as it’s called in Bordeaux, is a method of purchasing a specific vintage of wine in advance, before it is bottled and released in the market. A wine is tasted while in barrel by industry professionals, and based on the quality of the wine, prices are set and customers are able to buy wine from that particular vintage about 18 months before the wine is released in the general market.

Why buy wine that is not yet bottled?

Many of the Bordeaux Futures won't arrive for a year to two, so the advantage of ordering today is that you can secure a supply of often hard-to-find wines, and buy them at a price that is generally lower than when the vintage is finally bottled, aged and released on the market (though there is no guarantee).

Pricing and availability of Bordeaux Futures on our site.

In early April each year, industry professionals gather in Bordeaux for the Unions des Grand Cru tastings (UGC), where they taste through barrel samples. Then the en primeur campaign begins, and based on reviews and the market, prices are set on future bottles of the Bordeaux vintage. As futures are released for pre-sale, we secure and post wines on our site. These purchases are not cancelable and are secured with 100% deposit on the wine.

How am I billed?

The Initial Order Charges for the COMPLETE order. Upon placing your order for a Bordeaux Future, your credit card will be billed that same day for the wine, shipping & handling, and applicable taxes. When a futures wine is released, will pay for the freight from chateaux to our warehouses. Your shipping costs will be the regular shipping rate at at the time your order is placed. If a customer is a StewardShip member at the time of purchase, shipping fees will not be charged for the wine regardless of a shipment’s future date. Cancellation of a Bordeaux Futures order will be subject to a fee equal to 20% of the product.

If you have any questions about futures, feel free to contact our Fine Wine Specialist at