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Big Game Snack Food & Wine Pairings

Whether you're hosting or BYOB-ing, there's no need to make a game-time decision on what wine to pair with your favorite Big Game snack foods. Stock up in time for kickoff by shopping our draft picks below.

Zinfandel: Spicy foods like Buffalo wings need fruitier styles with low tannin to shine.
Wings and Wine Pairing - Best Snacks to Go With Wine
A game day classic, Buffalo wings are bound to be served at just about any viewing party you attend and Zinfandel is an MVP choice to pair with spicy foods (and plenty of other party snacks). So for your wings and wine pairing look for something with a lower alcohol level (a high ABV enhances spiciness instead of neutralizing it), and look for plum, blackberry or other dark fruit in the description to help balance out the sour, spicy sauce.

Syrah: Meaty meals like sliders and chili do well paired with a strong red wine.
Burgers and Wine Pairing - Best Snacks to Go With Wine
The menu for the Big Game usually includes a lot of big meat flavors—beefy sliders, hearty chili, and smoky sausages. For your burger and wine pairing, choose a stronger red wine with firm tannins, like a savory Syrah, is going to stand up to all the meat and enhance the flavors. This style of wine is particularly delicious with grilled meats, especially if you find one with a smoky note on the nose.

Italian Reds: Italian reds are the best match for Italian foods like pizza.
Pizza and Wine Pairing - Best Snacks to Go With Wine
Pizza is an easy choice come game day because it feeds a crowd and is infinitely customizable, but what pairs with something so versatile? For your pizza and wine pairing, look to an often-used rule that makes food pairings a no-brainer: what grows together, goes together (more or less). If you’re digging into a cheesy Italian dish like pizza, you’ll be best served pouring an Italian variety like Barbera or Sangiovese. There’s lots to choose from here, so take advantage of our filters to narrow down the list to your perfect pizza wine.

Sauvignon Blanc: A crisp white balances cheesy nachos and creamy dips.
Wings and Wine Pairing - Best Snacks to Go With Wine
Opposites attract, especially when you consider pairing wine with cheesy, creamy sauces and salty, crispy chips. These heavier snack foods need a crisp wine with pleasant minerality to cut through the fat and bring some zing back to your palate. For your nachos and wine pairing, we’ll direct you to an easy-drinking French or Italian Sauv Blanc for most of these foods, but you may also like grassier versions from New Zealand as well.

Top Rated Value Wines to Pair With Snack Foods: Our number one draft pick when you can’t decide what to get.
This list of our greatest values is perfect for stocking a party. Buy one kind or create your own tasting menu with bold reds, crisp whites, and some sparkling wines to celebrate a big win (or mourn a big loss). Everything on this list is delicious and affordable, which is really the only match-up that matters.

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