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Best Way to Quickly Chill a Bottle of Wine

Best way to quickly chill a bottle of wine

Need to know how to chill wine fast? Your best option is to fill a container with a 50-50 mixture of ice and water. Submerge your bottle for 10-15 minutes and voilà, it’s ready to pour. If a 20-30 minute wait is acceptable, placing the bottle in your freezer will also work.

A great solution—but let’s take a look at a few other options to chill wine fast.

• Frozen bottle—Keep an empty wine bottle in the freezer. When the need arises, simply pour your room temperature wine into the empty bottle, and you’ll be ready to go in about ten minutes. Of course, this wine chilling method requires either a funnel or a very steady hand.

• Ice Jacket—This is another good option to chill wine fast and an excellent wine accessory. Purchase one or two of these and keep them in your freezer at all times. Slip the jacket on your bottle, place in the freezer and wait ten minutes.

• Ice cubes—Yes, ice cubes. Since none other than the late great Robert Mondavi himself placed a couple ice cubes in his very own Cabernet Reserve that he thought was served too warm. A couple of caveats here. First, don’t leave them in your glass too long. A couple minutes to cool the wine, then remove them. Second, if the wine in question is a cellar-worthy, special occasion gem, then by all means just be patient and wait until it reaches the proper temperature!

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