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    4 Copas Extra Anejo Tequila

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      4 Copas Extra Anejo Tequila  Front Bottle Shot
      4 Copas Extra Anejo Tequila  Front Bottle Shot

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      Green Wine


      Distiller Notes

      Rich, pure and authentic, the ultimate taste experience. 4 Copas Extra Añejo is aged 50 months in American White Oak barrels carefully charred and refined in taste. In the mouth, it is silky and has a sweet texture, emitting vanilla, caramel, nuts and spice flavors. The nose is harmonious and elegant with vanilla aromas, caramel, walnut, toffee, dried peaches and orange peel tastes; special and purely organic.

      To best enjoy its style, it should be served in glass and aired out for 20 minutes before tasting.

      Proof: 80

      4 Copas

      4 Copas

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      4 Copas, Mexico
      4 Copas  Winery Image

      The vision, passion, and determination of Hector Galindo Miranda – known in the industry simply as “Hector” – resulted in the founding of 4 Copas, the original organic Tequila. His talent in bringing together a team who shared his passion and vision of a revolutionary product experience, integrated with artfully expressive packaging and marketing, is a story worth retelling.

      Hector’s vision and goal was to create the World’s Finest Tequila. His family had been producing bulk Tequila for other brand owners. Hector decided to make his own, and the first batches were not up to his exacting and entrepreneurial standards. He decided that he would have to get the best scientists, master distillers and academics educated and trained in viticulture at UC Davis to help him produce a Tequila with the best aroma and taste. The synergy of science and industry expertise gave him the ability to combine the best of nature to create the world’s best spirit product. One of the keys was to use naturally produced organic agave yeast in fermentation. He chose the natural process of slow cooking agave in traditional brick ovens rather than the faster processes which cheat consumers from the true agave taste in Tequila. Hector developed proprietary purification processes as well as only using the heart of the distilled batches, taking the less desirable parts and recycling them as fertilizer after production.

      In essence, Hector created a green and environmentally friendly circle of production: organic yeast, organic agave, natural slow process and selective fermentation, along with a proprietary purification process to create the world’s finest Tequila. It was also the world’s most expensive process, as organic agave is much more expensive to produce, harvest and purchase than non-organic agave. But like a true artist and entrepreneur, Hector believed the quality of 4 Copas was more important than making money.

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      Because of their great complexity, Anejo Tequilas are most often used as a substitute for Brandy or Whiskey in cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Anejo Tequilas must be aged in oak barrels for between one and three years, while Extra Anejo refers to any Tequila aged longer than three years. The prolonged contact with the oak barrel allows the wood to make a much stronger impression on the Tequila by adding toffee, caramel and vanilla to the sweet, spicy agave flavor profile.

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