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          6 Items
          • Smashberry Red Blend 2018  Front Label
            Smashberry Red Blend 2018
            Other Red Blends from Paso Robles, Central Coast, California
            • WW90
            3.8 25 Ratings
            13 99
          • Niner Bootjack Red 2018  Front Label
            Niner Bootjack Red 2018
            Other Red Blends from Paso Robles, Central Coast, California
              0.0 0 Ratings
              25 99
            • Penfolds Max's Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon 2018  Front Label
              Penfolds Max's Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
              Other Red Blends from South Australia, Australia
              • WE90
              3.9 114 Ratings
              22 99
              Save $2.01 (8%)
            • Heinrich Naked Red 2018  Front Label
              Heinrich Naked Red 2018
              Other Red Blends from Burgenland, Austria
              • WE89
              3.6 35 Ratings
              19 99
            • Murphy-Goode Red Wine 2018  Front Label
              Murphy-Goode Red Wine 2018
              Other Red Blends from California
                3.3 5 Ratings
                11 99
              • Neil Ellis The Left Bank 2018  Front Label
                Neil Ellis The Left Bank 2018
                Other Red Blends from South Africa
                  3.5 5 Ratings
                  24 99
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                With hundreds of red grape varieties to choose from ...

                With hundreds of red grape varieties to choose from, winemakers have the freedom to create a virtually endless assortment of blended red wines. In many European regions, strict laws are in place determining the set of varieties that may be used, but in the New World, experimentation is permitted and encouraged resulting in a wide variety of red wine styles. Blending can be utilized to enhance balance or create complexity, lending different layers of flavors and aromas. For example, a red wine blend variety that creates a fruity and full-bodied wine would do well combined with one that is naturally high in acidity and tannins. Sometimes small amounts of a particular variety are added to boost color or aromatics. Blending can take place before or after fermentation, with the latter, more popular option giving more control to the winemaker over the final qualities of the wine.

                How to Serve Red Wine

                A common piece of advice is to serve red wine at “room temperature,” but this suggestion is imprecise. After all, room temperature in January is likely to be quite different than in August, even considering the possible effect of central heating and air conditioning systems. The proper temperature to aim for is 55° F to 60° F for lighter-bodied reds and 60° F to 65° F for fuller-bodied wines.

                How Long Does Red Wine Last?

                Once opened and re-corked, a bottle stored in a cool, dark environment (like your fridge) will stay fresh and nicely drinkable for a day or two. There are products available that can extend that period by a couple of days. As for unopened bottles, optimal storage means keeping them on their sides in a moderately humid environment at about 57° F. Red wines stored in this manner will stay good – and possibly improve – for anywhere from one year to multiple decades. Assessing how long to hold on to a bottle is a complicated science. If you are planning long-term storage of your reds, seek the advice of a wine professional.

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