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The Best Wine to Take Camping

Sitting around the campfire, looking at the stars, drinking a great glass of wine… is there anything better on a warm summer evening? We don’t think so. Here are our favorite wines for camping to sip on a starry night in the great outdoors along with the camping-friendly foods we think would taste great with each.

Red Wine Next to a Campfire with S'Mores
California Zinfandel

Ripe, jammy fruit and peppery spice make Zinfandel an easy choice for bringing on your next outdoor adventure. Zins from California often have a higher alcohol content and can also taste great slightly chilled, making them perfect for storing in the cooler. They are also a great pairing for grilled burgers and BBQ pork ribs. Zinfandel also tastes great with some of the funkier flavors you might bring on your trip; try it paired with a grilled sausage and sour kraut to take your cookout to the next level.

Pinot Grigio

Refreshing acidity and bright citrus flavors are hallmarks of Italian Pinot Grigio and make it an ideal white wine for camping and perfect for warm weather. Because it is often quite affordable, it’s a natural choice for buying in larger quantities and bringing on the road. If you plan to fish on your camping trip, Pinot Grigio is a great pairing for freshly caught trout and other light, grilled fish dishes. It’s also a great accompaniment to snacks like chips and salsa, where its lighter body and zingy acidity balance salty flavors.

Two Glasses of Red Wine on a Camping Trip

With delicious minerality and crisp citrus and stone fruit flavors, Albariño is a summer favorite and an ideal wine for camping. This coastal wine goes well with other coastal flavors when it comes to pairing. Try it with grilled fish tacos, or if you’re camping on the beach, pour a glass to go with a clam bake, fresh oysters, or campfire mussels. It would also be a great complement to carne asada tacos with green salsa and onions, as its acidity can cut through the richness of the meat.

Aussie Shiraz

Australian Shiraz has its own personality with flavors and aromas of intense blackberry, fruitcake, menthol, tobacco leaf, and umami. In general, it pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables of all kinds, which makes it the perfect wine to take camping. Give it a go with chicken or beef skewers with veggies or throw some steaks or chicken breasts on the grill to make a smoky pairing. The charred flavors of the meat are balanced by the intense fruit and the tannin in the wine can cut through fattier cuts or any rich sauces.

A few tips to make the most of camping with wine

Shoot for a screw top
They are easier to secure after initial opening and many other camping wine favorites (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, etc.) come standard with this closure. Plus, no need to remember to pack a corkscrew.

Send your wine ahead to your location and pick it up on the way
With’s local pickup option, you can ship your camping wine favorites to one of the thousands of pickup locations and scoop them up once the tent is pitched. You won’t have to waste room in the car by packing them, and it is especially convenient for extended road trips as you can keep making orders as you go and pick them up when you arrive at your next location.

Have the right accessories
Insulated tumblers and bottles, picnic totes, and yes, a corkscrew, can make your camping adventure a little easier and your wine more enjoyable. Select a few staples to keep in the car or in your camp kit and never worry about having the right stuff ever again.

Don’t be afraid of a little ice
It’s hard to keep your wine at the right temperature when you’re camping. If you need to chill it to a lower temp, put it in the ice chest, or enjoy your whites a la piscine (with an ice cube in it) to cool it down. There’s no shame in it when you’re on the road.

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