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Date Printed: 7/24/2017
Middle Sister Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir
Middle Sister Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir
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PRICE ON 7/24/2017: $10.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Or because I graduated top of my class. Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear. So I must confess I do have one or two vices. Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting…is that more than one or two? I hope my secrets are safe with you. I have an image to protect. Let me buy you a glass of wine.

90.4% Pinot Noir, 9.6% mixed varieties.

smells like...ripe raspberry/strawberry notes with a touch of caramel, vanilla and root beer.

tastes like...a blast of ripe and lush berry, medium body, a vanilla note and light cocoa powder on the finish.

yummy with... Grilled salmon, barbecued chicken, steaks, burgers, pizza, pasta

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About Middle Sister:

The Wine Sisterhood believes wine should taste good, be a fair value, and make life more enjoyable for anybody who chooses to partake. Before we launched Sweet and Sassy Moscato, we brought her picture across the country and asked women of all backgrounds and ethnicities what they thought of her. Our wine sisters unanimously agreed that is was important to recognize the diversity of women who love wine. That’s why we have made a sister of color the face of our new wine.