Situated at the tip of the African continent at the Cape of Good Hope in the renowned Stellenbosch district, Vergelegen is nestled between the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountains with views of Cape Town, Table Mountain and False Bay. This fertile valley protected by granite cliffs enjoys a mild climate of long warm days that bring the fruit to full ripeness, and cooling afternoon ocean breezes that lengthen the growing season, intensifying the depth of fruit flavor in grapes. Favored with 21 soil types Vergelegen is rich ground for cultivating the breadth of noble varietals and clones essential for crafting the estates brilliant, world-class wines.

The estate has a rich and storied cultural history dating back to 1700. The philosophy at Vergelegen is simple: “To strive to produce the best possible wines by careful decision-making that maximizes the synergy between vineyard and winery.” This is accomplished through the precise selection and delicate handling of grapes, gravity flow production, infinite attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, and results in wines of elegance, refinement, complexity and balance. A part of the distinguished brand portfolio owned by the Anglo American Corporation, world renowned for precious metals industries, as well as De Beers Diamonds, Vergelegen brings wines of superlative quality and global recognition to the family.

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