sahr-DIN-ee'yah) Fairly removed from Italy, both geographically and culturally, Sardinia has more grazing animals than vineyards. An agricultural community, the small island is secluded. With high influences from Spain as much as Italy, the grapes of the region hail from both countries.

Notable Facts

The most popular and most planted variety is Cannonau (otherwise known as Grenache). It produces delicious and unique red wines. Carignano (Carignan) and Giro are other red varieties grown here. For whites, Vermentino is the most popular, producing crisp, dry wines with wonderful character. Some wineries, like Sella & Mosca, are also growing international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These grapes can be bottled as single varietals or blended with local grapes, like Cannonau.
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