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Date Printed: 4/26/2015
deLorimier  Chardonnay 2001
deLorimier Chardonnay 2001
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PRICE ON 4/26/2015: $19.99

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Subtlety of character, and a delicate layering of flavor and textural sensations, showcases our crafted Chardonnay style. Crisp green apple and pear flavors, with hints of citrus and the lightest touch of oak, are all drawn together with a lengthy creaminess.
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About deLorimier :

Alexander Valley is often referred to as ""California Bordeaux,"" as the local landscape is itself a genuine mosaic of soil types and microclimates. Some of the finest grapes in the world are grown here making this a winemaker's dream location for producing world-class wines. So when Ken and Diane Wilson discovered this property, they knew at once this would be their new Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay showcase. deLorimier wines are known more for the character of the estate than for the varietal content.

Founded in 1986 by Al deLorimier the winery and vineyard were well thought out and beautifully planted and developed into the Estate it is today. Focusing on blending, our production facility is set up for the blending and aging of many small lots. Diane Wilson and Antoine Favero combine their talents to produce the award winning artisan wines at deLorimier.