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    Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla (500ML)
    Despite the negative reviews already attributed to this sherry, some dissapointingly calling it 'mediciny' tasting, Manzanilla is what is affectionately referred to in Spain as 'Gypsy Wine' because the 'Gitanos' or Spanish Gypsy people there seem to love it so. Being Gitano myself (La Gitana means 'the Gypsy Girl') I, of course, found it delightful and a pleasure to sip! Just the thing for loosening up the vocal chords in the wee small hours of morning to help one sing a sad saeta or spirited 'cante chico' flamenco song! If you're not Gypsy you won't understand the taste but you can try! To us it's delicious and, thank goodness, very DRY. Buy it and impress your friends with your insight into the Gypsy duende of the Sacromonte-La Chana regions of Granada!"
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