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    Domaines Ott Les Domaniers Cotes de Provence Rose 2008
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    This wine was in good condition after shipping. We enjoyed it at a tour de France party integrated into an eight course French meal. The Domaines Ott Les Domaniers Cotes de Provence rose (actually 2009) was paired with a provencal rice dish with olives, cheese, and spices in course 4 after champagne, white Bordeaux, and Cotes du Rhone red blend. We found this Cotes de Provence rose to be a nice addition at this point in the meal and to pair extremely well with the provencal rice course. The glass held a solid fruit nose, but was much better on the palate with a round mouth feel - very pleasing. Most of the people at the dinner (18) commented on how full in felt for a rose. This may in part be to the lack of understanding of dry/off dry rose, but is also also a good trait of this bottle. The white blossum fruit was noticeable as well as medium spice hints that would make this a nice choice for Thai byob. Not overly acidic, but enough to balance the fruit and spice. Well received by both red and white drinkers at the party. This rose has some dance in it's taste. I would recommend for a wide range of food and occasions. We are planning a picnic with our next bottle.
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