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  • Kate T - Bronx, NY (read all my reviews)

    Crios de Susana Balbo Syrah-Bonarda 2006
    Sold Out $12.99
    Charbono is one of my favorite varietals, but nearly impossible to find these days. I was delighted to see this wine, a blend of charbono (under one of its many pseudonyms), hoping it would taste better than i expected, given that i didn't think charbono and syrah would necessarily complement each other. Sadly, my suspicions were confirmed. The wine was simply nondescript. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good, it wasn't much of anything. And worse, we drank it with some indian food (curried potatoes and saag paneer), which brought out strong menthol and fake-grape in the finish as the wine had some time to breathe. Maybe it would shine paired with some other food, but there's enough other wine in the world that i won't bother with this one again.
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