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There is no simple way to describe this wine. Some call it a port, some a sherry. Neither is accurate. You have a thick sweet wine but not as sweet as a muscatto. The flavors are amazing. You get hints of cheery, raisin, currant, plum... It starts o

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    Toro Albala Gran Reserva Don PX (375ML half-bottle) 1979
    Sold Out $31.99
    The vintner makes Pedro Ximinex grapes which are used to make Cream Sherries different from regular sherries. He then takes a large portion of the juice and makes this wine. The trick is that he stores it for 25 years in oak barrells and just lets it sit and mellow. Then each year he tastes it to determine which year is "ready" for release. The last couple batches were 1979 (available now), 1971 (last year) and 1974 a couple years ago. Typically sold in 1/2 bottles full size bottles are made as well (at least teh 1974 release was done in both sizes). When he thinks they are ready then they are bottled and released. This is why a 30 year old wine has a new label. This is a robust fruity sweet wine. But don't think Muscatto. A tawny Port might be the closest flavor to this but not nearly as rough to the pallette as most ports. You'd be tempted to match this with Chocolate or Cherries but in real terms this is a desert in a glass. We prefer to drink it in small apertiff styled glasses as you drain the whole bottle way to fast any other way. You can uncork it today and just put the sork back in the bottle and it will remain good for weeks. Does not go vinegary. Does not need to breath as the flavor will not shift with air. When you take the first sip you'll get cherries and currants. As you let it go down the back of your throat the flavors will shift. After you swallow the residual will be yet different again. The experience is very pleasant. I've not met anyone that did not really love it.
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