What I like about wine:

First and foremost, I ain't ashamed to say, one very important thing I like about wine is that it gets me tipsy. I also like wine with food and with people--eating the first and talking with the second.

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    Dr. Loosen Dr. L Estate QbA 2012
    Sold Out $13.99
    2013 vintage available for $12.99
    This is NOT an "Estate" wine. Wine dot com should not title this as an "Estate QbA." An "estate" wine is a wine made with grapes grown on the producer's property or from a specific grower's property. This wine was made with purchased grapes from various different growers. On its website, Loosen specifically writes that the "Dr. L" line of wines are "not estate wines." Loosen makes some very fine estate wines, but Dr. L is not an estate wine. Perhaps someday wine dot com will correct this error, but I doubt it. Anyone with more than a passing fancy of wine knows that such distinctions are important. Unfortunately, wine dot com frequently mis-describes wines on its webstie, uses reviews that were for a different wine, or photos that are for a different wine. On several occasions wine dot com has shipped me a wine different from the wine described or pictured on its website because its people (either the ones writing the website copy or the one assembling the orders at the warehouse) did not know which wine was which. To its credit, wine dot come has always corrected such shipping errors. However, even after it corrects the shipping errors, the web page listings are not corrected. Oh well. As to this wine itself, it ain't half bad for the price: Actual riesling character for around ten bucks--perfect for take out Asian food on Wednesday night.
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  • Scarbolo Friuli Grave Cabernet 2010
    Sold Out $16.99
    The wine dot com reference to a 90 point Parker score for this wine is mistaken. My one star review is not for the wine, but for wine dot com's incorrectly indicating that Parker scored this wine a 90. The 90 point Parker review wine dot com quotes is actually for Scarbolo's Sauvignon Blanc (which is a white wine), NOT for this wine, which is 70/30 blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. It's obvious the Parker review is for a white wine: "spring blossom and verbena running through flavors of kumquat, white peach," etc. I have purchased this wine, and if wine dot com corrects the information it provides about this wine, I will give the wine an actual score.
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    Valentin Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
    Sold Out $14.99
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