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Scent and finish somehow mean more to me than the actual taste. I love the great wines of Bordeaux, but also appreciate a balanced Pinot Noir from Oregon. There seems to be a competition of late for the establishment of the most prolix palate. Whilst I ca

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Cinzano Prosecco
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    Pacific Rim Vin de Glaciere Organic Riesling (375ML) 2010
    Sold Out $14.99
    2012 vintage available for $15.99
    This is a delightful example of an ice wine. Historically, ice wines were the result of picking after a premature frost. Today most of these wines are produced from grapes that are deliberately frozen after picking. The Pacific Rim Riesling is a great introduction to the genre. It is light, fruit filled and succulent, with a sweetness that is well balanced by acid. This is not the most sophisticated version of this genre that has ever been released. Some of the classic ice wines, especially those associated with botyris, develop a wonderful sophistication–deep layering of flavors and enormous complexity. Such wine typically sells at an enormous premium, easily 3 to 5 times the price of this wine. So buy a bottle or two and enjoy it at lunch or a casual supper, either with cheese, dessert, or by itself. It's very enjoyable, even if it will never call attention to itself.
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