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    Gordon Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
    Sold Out $21.99
    Gordon Brothers Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007. I think of the cabernet sauvignon grape as, in general, a little tannic but with a lot of interesting flavors. This cab, at $19, fits this description pretty well. Berries and currents are present here, with a moderate acidity that results in a fairly pleasant experience. It swirls around the mouth well, without the pain and suffering of the over-chalky, acidic wines, and has a pretty good balance of flavor and acidity. The bottom line, however, for the wine drinker is whether you like the astringent, acidic taste of cabernet sauvignon or whether you like softer wines, or for those on the extremes on the bell-shaped curve, even more tannic wines. To some, this acquired taste is a sign of sophistication, but to others it is just outside their comfort zone. I like to try a wine like this every once in a while, to see if the taste is growing on me or to see if I need to retreat to my comfort wines, or to see if I find a cabernet sauvignon with the combination of tastes and acidity that. This wine turns out to be a good change of pace for me.
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