• SakeOne Moonstone Yuzu Sake
    Sold Out $13.99
  • SakeOne Diamond Junmai Ginjo
    Sold Out $12.99
    winemaker's notes:The Diamond is very smooth and slightly dry with a sweet aroma. A true ginjo (highest quality ingredients and methods). An excellent choice for fans of medium bodied red wines and gin drinkers. Pairs well with: Seafood and lightly grilled meats.
  • Tozai Living Jewel (300ML)
    Sold Out $8.95
  • Gekkeikan Haiku Sake
    Sold Out $14.99
    Slow fermentation at low temperatures gives this sake a slightly dry flavor with a light aroma reminiscent of orchard apples. Enjoy chilled or over ice.
  • Rihaku Wandering Poet Sake (300ML)
    Sold Out $15.99
    Characterized by a well-rounded flavor with a solidness to the flavor and fragrance, and a clean finish.
  • Fuki Sake
    Sold Out $8.99
    superior quality Sake is made from the finest of sun-nurtured rice and contains 16% alcohol. Fu-Ki Sake enhances the flavor of food by cleansing and sensitizing the palate. Fu-Ki Sake may be consumed with the meal or used in food preparation and cooking. The traditional way to enjoy Sake is slightly warm in a small Japanese Sake cup or wine glass. However, Fu-Ki Sake is equally delightful at room temperature, chilled, or on the rocks
  • Hakutsuru Sake
    Sold Out $7.99
    100% of "Yamada-nishiki" is used, the summit of suitable rice for making sake. The rice is polished up to 50%, in search of that pure taste when it becomes "sake". "Miyamizu" is used, hard spring water abundant in minerals with purity. Brewing is done with a 250-year-old traditional technique of Hakutsuru called "Ginjo zukuri" with lower-temperature and longer-time fermentation than normal.
  • Ama no To Heaven's Door Sake (720ML)
    Sold Out $24.99
    Faint aromas of raisins and earthiness. Overall slightly dry flavor but with nice fruity essences in the recesses, supplanted by nice rice-like tones and a gentle sweetness beneath.They have won five straight Gold Prizes in the prestigious National New Saké tasting competitions. The water which flows up from the springs here has been famous since the Edo era (1600-1868).
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