• Pinot Noir Vineyard Sampler Wine Gift Set
    Sold Out $99.99
    You know the grape variety and the winemaker have a large impact on a wine, but what role does the vineyard play? Taste the difference a vineyard can make in our trio of Pinot Noir: three bottles...
    Marta's List
  • Quintessential Reds Wine Collection
    With this popular gift set, you can sample six signature reds from the most famous wine regions in the world. For the wine adventurer in search of bold flavors, host your own taste-off to see how...
  • Quintessential Case Wine Collection
    $189.98 $169.99
    Save $19.99 (11%)
    This collection of wine showcases the quintessential varietals from the most famous wine regions, chosen to best represent the area from which they come. Wine Set Includes: France: Chateau...
  • Brave New World of Wine Collection Gift Set
    Sold Out $189.99
    Branch out from your typical Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and enter the Brave New World of Wine. Including the book (333 pages, $19.95 value) by renowned educator, speaker, and writer, Mark...
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