• d'Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz 2008
    Sold Out $9.99
    2013 vintage available for $10.99
    • red wine
    • screw cap wine
    • Green wine
    • WS90
    now to 2018; reg $11; smooth and supple; juicy and spicy; foot on pedal through mineral finish; packs in the fruit; tasted - good, would buy
  • Tintara Shiraz 2006
    Sold Out $19.99
    2013 vintage available for $21.99
    now to 2013; reg $18; smooth&supple, focused, with crisp tannins around the plum and blueberry flavors, lingering easily; tasted-good, not great; bit of a tangy finish; better 2nd day
  • Angove Family Winemakers McLaren Vale Vineyard Select Shiraz 2008
    Sold Out $19.99
    now but can age many yrs; smooth spicy oak; silky; rich full-bodied palate adding a dash of dark chocolate to the blackberry base. Lot of wine for the price
  • Schild Estate Shiraz 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    now to 2017; #43 WS 2009; complex oak and well integrated tannins with a backbone of ripe black plums; amazing depth; 2008 94WS #7 2010 Top 100
  • John Duval Entity Shiraz 2006
    Sold Out $42.99
    2013 vintage available for $36.99
    • red wine
    • collectible wine
    • screw cap wine
    • JH96
    • RP94
    • ST93
    now-2018; reg 43; pd 30; more restraint than Plexus; great ratings; juicy, lively; crisp tannins, dk berry; smoke, pepper, asian spice aroma; smooth, full, intense but not over the top, impeccable balance, work of a master; maybe should age
  • Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz/Grenache 2006
    Sold Out $23.99
    2014 vintage available for $27.99
    reg 24; pd 19; silky, sweet; deep red berry, good bite, juicy finish; Tasted-liked; solid
  • John Duval Plexus Red 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    2013 vintage available for $29.99
    now-2015; reg 40; smooth &supple, RP95, hedonistic, balanced, seamless; red and black fruits; maybe should age
  • Reilly's Stolen Block Shiraz 2004
    Sold Out $19.99
    2010-2020; reg 35, big&bold full bodied, soft texture, complex, plum, raspberry, herbs, spice, supple tannins, good acid, long juicy finish
  • Margan Family Shiraz 2006
    Sold Out $11.99
    now to 2011; can cellar to 2020; reg $20; red berry, baking spices, minerals, dried flowers, juicy berry, spicy pepper, tar, mineral snap; smooth and supple
  • Philip Shaw No.89  Shiraz Viognier 2005
    Sold Out $24.99
    now-8yrs; reg 46, pd 20, smooth&supple, depth, concentrated, med body, firm acids, soft tannins, berry, cracked pepper
  • Eppalock Ridge Heathcote Shiraz 2005
    Sold Out $12.49
    • red wine
    • screw cap wine
    • WE90
    • JH90
    now; reg 32 pd 12; big and bold; full bodied; powerful mix of mocha, caramel and stewed berries; first soft and creamy then firmer and chewier on finish, adding hint of espresso; w grilled beef; drying tannins, fine acidity, fresh palate, well integrated oaktasted-delicious flavor but so, so strong! Total fruit bomb. Liked a lot but wouldn't buy again.
  • RL Buller Calliope Durif Petite Sirah 2002
    Sold Out $19.99
    reg 32; big&bold, dense, porty on nose, ridiculously sweet and concentrated, explosive, super-ripe, over the top red fruit; fast-lane
  • Curtis Crossroads Vineyard Syrah 2006
    Sold Out $13.99
    now; reg 32, pd 14; big&bold ripe, powerful, earthy, med to full, velvety, choc, blkberry, jam, edge of sweet spicy bacon, rich, tasty; tasted - didn't like - perfumey
  • Hahn Winery Santa Lucia Highlands Estate Syrah 2007
    Sold Out $14.99
    now & few yrs; reg 27, big & bold, dk, rich, ripe, Calif syrah, dry, tannic; delicious flavors of berry, dk choc, sweet smoky oak; grilled meat or stew
  • Olson Ogden Sonoma/Napa Syrah 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    now-few yrs; reg 28 pd 16.50, earthy&spicy, true Syrah; peppery spicy aroma, full, lush berry, cassis flavors, soft, complex, w/grilled steak
  • Robert Mondavi Oakville District Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
    Sold Out $35.99
    2013 vintage available for $51.99
    will improve to 2016; reg 45 pd 27; big&bold, Elegant and stylish, with expansive layers of ripe currant, fresh earth, herb, red plum and black cherry. Full-bodied, gaining depth and structure on the finish
  • Beaulieu Vineyard Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
    Sold Out $12.99
    1978 vintage available for $99.00
    big&bold, fine, dry, classic, pure structure, refined Bordeaux-like black currant and cedar flavors, amazing accomplishment
  • Louis Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
    Sold Out $13.79
    2014 vintage available for $16.99
    now-5-7 yrs; Wegmans $20; big blk fruit, smoky oak, anise-like richness, well made, great value, fleshy, fruity, great texture, body, balance, cassis, silky tannins; Tasted more than once- really liked; easy drinking; full
  • Concha y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    2013 vintage available for $18.99
    now to 2012; #56 WS2010, smooth & supple, Rock-solid, with dark currant, fig and blackberry fruit flavors supported by briar, licorice snap and coffee notes. The long, muscular finish should soften nicely with moderate cellaring
  • Clarendon Hills Brookman Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
    Sold Out $39.99
    2010 vintage available for $34.99
    2010-2020; reg 70 pd 30, big&bold, ripe, rich, full, classic aromas of herbs, vanilla, black current, damp earth; structured; cherry, cassis, grape surge; expansive, deep
  • L'Ecole 41 Columbia Valley Merlot 2005
    Sold Out $22.99
    2013 vintage available for $25.99
    now-2012; reg 30 pd 20; smooth&supple, dk, plummy, full, fleshly, not just fruit bomb, berry, spice, choc, herb, rich toasty, depth, won't quit, red cherry, currant, silky finish
  • Wild Horse Unbridled Pinot Noir 2007
    Sold Out $26.99
    reg $36; smooth&supple, classic Calif style; well structured tannins and rich with berry cobbler and spices; w/salmon or sea bass; lamb
  • Brancott Terraces Estate Pinot Noir 2007
    Sold Out $36.99
    2014 vintage available for $27.99
    2011-2015; reg 32 pd 19; smooth&supple, blast of berries, hint of mint, herbal notes, lively acidity, crisp tannins, silky choc finish
  • Inman Family Thorn Road Ranch Pinot Noir 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    should age for a few more yrs; reg $52 pd 25; smooth & supple, sour cherry, berry, dusty minerals, savory meat, sage, rose, cola, high acid, nice tannins
  • Frog's Leap Zinfandel 2007
    Sold Out $29.99
    now if decant or can age; reg 30 pd 19; earthy&spicy, eat w bbq, floral; zesty fruit, tension, balance, earthy, mushroomy tannins
  • Ravenswood Pickberry Vineyards 2006
    Sold Out $49.99
    after 2012, reg 48 pd 27; big&bold, bordeaux style; bone dry, with softly dusty tannins backed with a firm hit of clean acidity. The flavors are somewhat herbal, with a sage and tobacco edge to the blackberries, dark chocolate and graphite
  • Sterling SVR Reserve 2006
    Sold Out $64.99
    now-2014; reg 50, pd 23; smooth&supple, decant for hour, dry, smooth, berry, oak, mineral, cocoa, anise, lengthy finish, bordeaux style
  • Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve Tapestry 2006
    Sold Out $39.99
    2012 vintage available for $53.99
    now-15yrs; let age; RP93, WE92; reg 60, pd 28; big&bold, bordeaux, finest example of this cuvee tasted, cherry, blberry, currant, choc, anise, sandalwood, supple, sweet, firm acid, berry, tobacco, very dry, lush tannins
  • Newton Claret 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    2014 vintage available for $21.99
    big&bold, bordeaux style, overrated? merlot-based, light, refined, silky structure
  • Starmont Chardonnay 2008
    Sold Out $13.97
    2013 vintage available for $18.99
    now to 2013; fruity & smooth, Fresh and vibrant, with a full-bodied mix of tangerine, nectarine, peach and pear flavors that are intense, complex, layered and cleansing. chicken
  • Chateau St. Jean Belle Terre Chardonnay 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    2014 vintage available for $24.99
    now; reg 26, pd 16; rich& creamy, crisp, dry, acidic, oak-infused lemon and lime; minerals; tropical fruit, rich and tasty, good acidity, long finish
  • Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    2015 vintage available for $17.99
    rich bought at Sams, good value, lots of oak, vanilla, buttered toast, acidity, med to full body; tropical aromas, amazing for price
  • J Vineyards California Pinot Gris 2009
    Sold Out $15.79
    2015 vintage available for $14.99
    reg 15, pd 15; fruity and smooth; no oak; pure, savory fruit, ripe and acidic, crisp, lime and spicy flavors, hint of honey, good w spicy asian or mexican, or holiday ham or turkey
  • Castello di Albola Chianti Classico 2007
    Sold Out $17.00
    2012 vintage available for $15.99
    now; #47 WS Top 2010; what Chianti should taste like; smooth and supple; didn't really like - a little acidic - at wegmans for $11?
  • Il Molino di Grace Chianti Classico 2005
    Sold Out $13.49
    2013 vintage available for $19.99
    reg $22; This grows smoky and savory with air, adding a layer of complexity to the flavors of ripe plum and strawberry; rack of lamb
  • Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico 2007
    Sold Out $15.99
    2014 vintage available for $13.99
    after 2009; big A full-bodied, well-structured w crushed black fruit, flowers and oak on nose and palate, coating the firm tannins giving long, controlled finish
  • Antinori Villa Toscana 2006
    Sold Out $25.99
    2013 vintage available for $14.99
    after 2010; reg 26 pd 20; smooth&supple, complex aroma; soft velvety tannins, juicy rich fruit; delicious already; well structured, red berry finish
  • Villa Pillo Toscana Borgoforte 2007
    Sold Out $13.99
    smooth super tuscan (Sangiovese, Cab Sauv, Merlot); black fruit, smooth body, elegant; pasta, red meat, game: Tasted-really liked
  • Belguardo Serrata Maremma 2005
    Sold Out $19.99
    2011 vintage available for $18.99
    now-2015; brisk acidity, super tuscan; savory elegant tannins, mineral, smooth, deep flavor of dried porcini, ripe cherry, fresh sage; good w/roast lamb
  • Quinta do Vale Meao Douro Meandro 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    now to 2014; reg $28; Full-bodied, ripe and plush with a surplus of dark plum, dark cherry and kirsch flavors. Silky tannins and creamy notes power the spicy finish; balanced, well structured
  • Quinta do Vallado Douro Tinto 2007
    Sold Out $19.99
    2013 vintage available for $19.99
    now, can age; big&bold, powerful, refined; plum, cherry, spice, herbal, olive and smoke finish; plump, sweet, smooth
  • Vina Mayor Reserva 2004
    Sold Out $23.99
    now to 2016; #38 WS2010, reg 25 big&bold, but smooth; focus and depth, w purity to its black cherry, mineral, tobacco, tar notes. Excellent balance of firm, well-integrated tannins, clean acidity. Not showy, but rock-solid
  • Condado de Haza Ribera del Duero Tinto 2006
    Sold Out $30.00
    now to few yrs; can keep to 2019; reg 32; big plenty of weight on palate, but elegant style, finely structured w med to high acidity and med+ level of grainy tannins. Long savoury finish; focused
  • Bodegas Cepa 21 Ribera del Duero 2006
    Sold Out $22.99
    reg 54 pd 22; smooth and supple; intensely spicy aromas; juicy and fresh, vibrant berry, silky texture, good mineral bite; like a New World Pinot Noir; finishes w tangy persistence and strong red berries; stylish
  • Bodegas y Vinedos Maurodos Prima 2008
    Sold Out $14.99
    now to 2014, reg $24; smooth&supple, outstanding value; juicy, succulent, and concentrated, leading to a seamless finish; outstanding value
  • Mas de l'Abundancia  2005
    Sold Out $19.99
    2014-2025; reg 42 pd 20; big&bold full body, smooth texture, depth, complex flavors, long fruit finish
  • Hacienda Molleda Hac Molleda Garnacha 2006
    Sold Out $13.99
    pd 15; smooth&supple, velvety, body, elegance, balance, outstanding wine; tasted-loved-delicious, fruity
  • Maquis Lien 2006
    Sold Out $10.99
    2008 vintage available for $21.98
    • red wine
    • ST90
    • RP90
    reg 18, pd 10; smooth & supple, fruity and intense, excell balance, solid punch but graceful; dk fruit, spicy lift, focused finish; tasted-people didn't really like;
  • Primus The Blend 2006
    Sold Out $18.29
    2014 vintage available for $19.99
    • red wine
    • Green wine
    • WE90
    reg 20 pd 15; earthy one of best Primus; bordeaux style; ripe berry, plum, herbs, confident, controlled; tasted-liked better 2nd day
  • Celler del Roure Les Alcusses 2006
    Sold Out $16.99
    reg 22 pd 13; 40tempranillo, 30monastrell, 25cab sauv 5mando; broad, savory, tangy, precise, silky, fresh red fruit and mineral flavors; clean and focused; persistent finish; very sexy wine
  • Antinori Chianti Classico Peppoli 2007
    Sold Out $19.79
    2013 vintage available for $21.99
    now; reg 28 pd 19.50; smooth and supple; full-bodied; soft silky tannins; plenty of fruit on finish; fruity and pretty; intense aromas floral, bl fruit, hint of vanilla and chocolate
  • Atlas Peak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    2014 vintage available for $26.99
    reg 28 pd 25; big and bold; not cheap but a bargain for napa cab; blkberry, cherry; superfine tannins, silky; lush, juicy; french oak; fine structure, elegant; long finish
  • Famille Perrin Vinsobres Les Hauts de Julien 2004
    Sold Out $22.99
    now to 2016; reg 40 pd 23; smooth and supple; stunning wine with plenty of raspberry, cherry, creme de cassis, floral notes and striking minerality; pretty full-bodied with good underlying acidity and ripe tannin; 50Syrah, 50Grenache
  • Matetic EQ Pinot Noir 2007
    Sold Out $18.29
    2013 vintage available for $39.99
    now to 2017; reg 28-32 pd 17; smooth and supple; round and smooth on palate with excellent grip; first-class; complex, delicate, elegant; fine tannins, soft texture; balance; lingering finish
  • Bodega Tamari Reserva Malbec 2009
    Sold Out $16.49
    reg 14 pd 9; fruity, concentrated, good with grilled meats, duck, pork, strong cheeses; flowery aroma, aged in oak; good acidity, med body, long and tasty; plum, caramel, toffee, long finish; ripe fruit aftertaste
  • Chateau St. Jean Sonoma County Reserve Chardonnay 2007
    Sold Out $22.98
    2-4 yrs; reg 45, pd 22; rich and creamy; age 6-12 mo.; outstanding chard; med to full bodied; well structured; tropical fruits, spicy, smoky oak, earth citrus oil, poached pear; selection of estates finest barrels; tasted-very rich but good
  • Famille Perrin Les Christins Vacqueyras 2006
    Sold Out $27.99
    2012 vintage available for $31.99
    now thru 2012; reg 28 pd 20; earthy and spicy; beef, lamb; rich and concentrated; very racy with red and black currant and great graphite spine; hints of licorice, spice and iron on finish; tight and elegant; cherry-berry flavors kept taut with bright acidity and mouthwatering herbal notes;
  • Luna Vineyards Pinot Grigio 2008
    Sold Out $9.99
    2014 vintage available for $9.99
    • white wine
    • Green wine
    • screw cap wine
    • ST88
    reg 18 pd 10; fruity and smooth; full texture; supple, ripe; easygoing; could use more definition and personality
  • Teso la Monja Almirez 2008
    Sold Out $14.99
    2013 vintage available for $23.99
    now to 2014; reg 30 pd 20; big and bold; modern style; supple w structure; blackberry, floral, toast, mineral, oak flavors show depth and complexity; silky, fruity, a little tangy minerality; fresh, finishing spiciness; pinot-like clarity and focus
  • Rochford Winery Macedon Ranges Pinot Noir 2005
    Sold Out $12.99
    at its peak now; reg 25 pd 14; complex w touch of root vegetable; lovely texture, good w game birds; powerful palate, full-flavored; supported by minerally acid and finely grained tannins; style similar to burgandy
  • Lunta Malbec 2008
    Sold Out $18.99
    • red wine
    • RP90
    now to 2020; reg 20 pd 16; light-bodied, easy to drink; soft tannins, long finish; spice box, incense, lavendar, hint of balsamic, leather, black cherry; savory, ripe
  • Four Vines The Maverick Zinfandel 2008
    Sold Out $18.29
    2013 vintage available for $19.99
    now to 2014; reg 20 pd 16; big and bold; chewy and spicy, rich with blackberry fruit and a hint of velvet vanilla oak; sleek and supple; delicately layered huckleberry, licorice and smoky sage flavors that linger nicely;
  • Robert Oatley Pinot Grigio 2009
    Sold Out $23.99
    • white wine
    • screw cap wine
    • W&S90
    reg 14.50 pd 12; light and crisp; some of best wineshopper tasted; pure varietal flavors of floral apple; cool tone; hints at richness in the lemon curd and cinnamon finish
  • Palliser Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2008
    Sold Out $12.99
    2015 vintage available for $18.99
    reg 19 pd 12; light and crisp; Rich, layered and fresh; broad, ripe and mouthfilling for sauv; concentrated and chewy flavors of pineapple, grapefruit and tropical fruits; good finish; none of the vegetal side of the variety
  • Spring Valley Frederick Estate Red 2007
    Sold Out $56.99
    2011 vintage available for $52.99
    2015-2032; reg 50 pd 30; big and bold; full-bodied, dense; needs to age; plush and plummy; highly structured; New World style Cab; big wine w fruit-forward flavors; dk fruit scents w a deep savory note
  • Oliverhill Clarendon Shiraz 2006
    Sold Out $18.99
    reg 30 pd 19; big and bold; explosive aromas and zesty minerality; spicy and pure; cherry and dark berry, smoke, pepper, game; fine structure; finishes w superb clarity and persistence; ample flavor and deep balance; no undue weight
  • Schug Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2008
    Sold Out $23.99
    2014 vintage available for $19.99
    reg 24 pd 18; bit restrained but rich fruit and earthy notes expand in glass with air; plum, cherry with earthy notes, some smoky oak; long finish; good structure and balance; solid backbone with racy acidity
  • Tabali Chardonnay Reserva Especial 2009
    Sold Out $13.97
    reg 18 pd 14; rich and creamy; needs time to decanter past firm mineral note to fruit; hints of honey and citrus; toasted finish; balanced acidity; red apple scents and melon flavors develop as texture turns opulent; grilled pork
  • Grgich Hills Chardonnay (375ML half-bottle) 2007
    Sold Out $16.99
    reg 22 pd 13; fruity and smooth; no malolactic fermentation so delicious acidity; sneaky length on finish; dense, tactile, juicy; very good intensity without weight; supple and ripe in middle; aromas of nutmeg, honey, toasty oak
  • Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
    Sold Out $12.98
    2013 vintage available for $13.99
    reg 22 pd 13; big and bold; a great accomplishment; a beautiful cab; lighter than some but elegant and has impeccable structure; pretty and polished; blackberry, spice and cedar flavors; restrained oak
  • Brass Tacks Riesling 2008
    Sold Out $7.99
    reg 20 pd 12; light and crisp; a steal; one of best Riesling values in CA; tremendous cocktail wine; apricot, peach, lychee, mineral and floral flavors finished w brisk mouthwatering acidity and an absolutely dry finish; spicy or Asian foods, seafood, salads
  • Tikal Patriota 2009
    Sold Out $17.99
    2014 vintage available for $21.99
    reg 20 pd 18; big and bold; grilled meats, pizza, terrific value, incredibly fun to drink; juicy flavors of blackberry, violet, bitter chocolate; firm tannins and good length; 60% Bonada, 40% Malbec
  • La Spinetta Il Gentile di Casanova 2006
    Sold Out $22.99
    2010 vintage available for $32.99
    Drink 2011-2016; reg 28 pd 15; big and bold; vein of minerality frames the fruit beautifully through to long creamy finish; ripeness and textural depth evident but not overdone; Sangiovese-based; gorgeous
  • Paul Dolan Vineyards Zinfandel 2007
    Sold Out $14.99
    2014 vintage available for $18.99
    reg 25 pd 14; perfect flavor marriage between jammy berry and spicy. Tastes of boysenberry, black pepper and orange marmalade; Fine balance; herb, cherry, spicy; dry and rich
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