These are the ones I have sampled and will continue to buy. The years may change, but the Merlot won't.
  • Turnbull Merlot 2007
    Sold Out $24.95
    Monica recommended this. I bought 2006 on sale and really enjoyed it. Went to Majestic recently and the price was higher. Guy at Big Daddy's said it was going to continue to increase in price. Hope I can find it on sale again because I really do enjoy it.
  • Sterling Three Palms Vineyard Merlot 2006
    Sold Out $55.99
    Had a 2004 bottle at Rafain on my birthday 2012. WOW - even Mike enjoyed it!
  • Whitehall Lane Merlot 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    2013 vintage available for $25.99
    Tried this at birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris on Big Island 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have continued to buy. I think the 2005 and 2006 are among the best years, at least for my taste buds.
  • Stags' Leap Winery Merlot 2009
    Sold Out $35.99
    2013 vintage available for $32.99
    I really do like Stag's Leap Merlot. There are 2 different bottles, and this is the only one I have tried so far. We pay $27.27 at Sam's and I will continue to buy for that price.
  • Franciscan Estate Merlot 2006
    Sold Out $18.29
    2012 vintage available for $20.99
    Bought at Pappas Bros. birthday dinner 2010 and was very pleased with this Merlot. Have continued to buy it and want to keep some on hand at all times. Great drinking wine -- not just for dinner. 2006 best year for my taste buds!
  • Rutherford Hill Merlot 2007
    Sold Out $21.99
    2012 vintage available for $20.99
    Recommended by friend at Market Street. Seems like my taste buds like the "Smooth and Supple" best, and I found this one to be quite good. Tom Thumb and Market Street carry it for either $16.99 or $18.99.
  • Raymond R Collection Merlot 2006
    Sold Out $14.79
    2014 vintage available for $12.99
    This is a pretty good inexpensive Merlot. Sometimes I can get it for around $10 a bottle, and that price speaks to the lower quality, but it still a good wine to have in the evenings before bed.
  • Decoy Merlot 2009
    Sold Out $27.99
    2013 vintage available for $24.99
    I think this was the one we got at the Crescent in 2011. Very good, and would buy again, but there are some others I have tried recently that I actually liked better.
  • Grgich Hills Merlot 2006
    Sold Out $29.99
    2011 vintage available for $48.99
    Bought at Vineyard Steakhouse in Grapevine July 2012. I thought it was outstanding. Guy at Big Daddy's had some negative things to say about it - quality not what it used to be - but I enjoyed this Merlot.
  • Markham Merlot 2009
    Sold Out $23.99
    2013 vintage available for $19.99
    Another one recommended from friend at Market Street, and I do enjoy this wine. It is either $16.99 or $18.99 at both Tom Thumb and Market Street. Other more expensive wines taste better of course, but for an evening wine, this is pretty good.
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