Chateau de Jau

Chateau de Jau Winery
The Dauré family has long been acknowledged as the premier winemaking family of Côtes du Roussillon. Their holdings are comprised of two estates: Château de Jau and Les Clos de Paulilles.

Built in 1792, Château de Jau is located in the southernmost foothills of the Roussillon slopes of the Corbières Mountains in French Catalonia. Today, the estate produces Côtes du Roussillon Villages Rouge, Côtes du Roussillon Blanc, Muscat de Rivesaltes, along with the lovely wines known as "le Jaja de Jau."

The estate spans the villages of Cases de Pêne, Estagel, and Tautavel, occupying 134 cultivated hectares planted in eleven classic Mediterranean varietals.

The magnificent hillside vineyards were completely revitalized by removing neglected vines and cumbersome stone. The magnificent hillside vineyards of the Château de Jau were painstakingly revitalized by ripping up the old neglected vineyards and crushing the stone upturned in the process.

The rebuilding of the vineyards at Château de Jau, overseen by winemaker Estelle Dauré, represents some of the most ambitious and exciting work undertaken in the Roussillon in the last twenty years. This revitalization has allowed the Dauré family to create the incredible wines produced today.

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