The King of Piedmont
Nebbiolo is the key grape in the wines of Barolo and Barbaresco. It is not the most planted variety, but it does make the most distinctive and age-worthy wines. Native to Piedmont, Nebbiolo is a bit of a soil snob - it's finicky about where it grows and has long been the honored red grape of Northern Italy, partly due to its lack of success elsewhere. Barolo and Barbaresco are the most well known DOCG, but two others, Ghemme and Gattinara, are unsung stars of Piedmont, making top notch Nebbiolo.

Notable Facts
The descriptors "tar and roses" are often used to describe wine made from Nebbiolo. An odd combination perhaps, but accurate. Wine made from this grape can seem overly tannic and acidic when young, but as velvety as rose petals when mature. It's a grape with the toughness of tar and earth, yet with a soft, floral character keeping it balanced. Many winemakers create approachable-while-young wines from Nebbiolo, like Nebbiolo d'Alba. These affordable representations of Nebbiolo can be quite delicious and give the drinker a preview of the intricacies and complexity that a mature Barolo/Barbaresco can provide.

Summing it up
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Piedmont and other Northern Italy

Common descriptors:
Tar, roses, violets, blackberry, wild cherry, truffles

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