This sun-worshiping grape gets ripe and loves hot, dry weather. Popular in Spain (called Garnacha), Australia and the southern Rhone region of France, Grenache is the primary grape in regions such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Tavel, and Priorat. It's often tamed by less fleshy, more structured grapes like Syrah, Mourvedre or Tempranillo - Grenache is the "G" in GSM blends of Australia. Also, because of its thin skins and high ripeness level, Grenache is ideal for producing delicious yet dry rose wines.

Notable Facts
High sugars give this grape character and ensure a full-bodied wine, but lower levels of acid and tannin enhance its candidacy as a blender. Intensive pruning on older vines gives Grenache enough structure to maintain its balance as a sole varietal, which is popular - and successful - in California, Australia and sometimes Spain, but many vintners rely on blending to keep this alcohol-happy grape in check. Typical flavors of Grenache are jam, spice, dried fruit, earthiness and some pepper, depending on where it's grown. Old vine Grenache makes an intense and distinct dry wine, and in regions like Banyuls, a delicious, fortified dessert wine.

Summing it up
Successful Sites:
Southern Rhone, Southwest Spain, Australia, California

Common Descriptors:
jammy, alcoholic, spice, black currant, dried red and black fruits, pepper, earth, fleshy

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