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Date Printed: 6/22/2017
Zed Sauvignon Blanc 2005
Zed Sauvignon Blanc 2005
(search item no. 89812)
screw cap wine

PRICE ON 6/22/2017: $12.29

Winemaker's Notes:

Color: Light straw with green highlights

Aromas: A fresh aroma of gooseberry and green pepper, combined with a hint of passion fruit.

Palate: A medium-bodied wine with classic cut grass and green pepper Sauvignon Blanc flavors. The clean, crisp acid finish displays good length.

Serving suggestions: Excellent accompaniment to lightly flavored seafood or chicken dishes.

My Notes:

About Zed Wine of New Zealand:

Zed is native New Zealand - fresh, clean and exciting. Zed is now New Zealanders pronounce the letter Z. Zed is also short for "N-Zed" - how Kiwis refer to everything New Zealand. Zed captures the local taste that is spot-on New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - totally crisp and bursting with flavor. It's what we call z'licious!