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Viognier is best known for producing the rich, aromatic white wines of the Northern Rhone. Once a pricey commodity of the area, it's now much easier to find and drink. The perfumed grape creates wines of distinct aromas and flavors. Lower in acid and even lower yielding, Viognier kept to itself in Southern France until some traveling winemakers took hold of some plantings and dispersed them to New World areas like California and Australia.

Notable Facts
The Viognier grape attacks your nose with notes of peach, apricot and other tropical fruits. Aromatic to say the least, this varietal is tough to grow, due to the narrow window of time when the aromatics and acids are at their peak. The best wines made from Viognier have a good balance of aromatic fruits and acid. The intensity of the fruit may be detected by tastebuds as sweet, although most Viogniers are dry. Not the best partner for a light meal, wine from this grape is nice with heavier sauces or rich shellfish.

Summing it up
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