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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
Vinum Cellars Chard-No-Way 2006
Vinum Cellars Chard-No-Way 2006
(search item no. 90513)
screw cap wine

PRICE ON 5/22/2015: $8.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Glinty white gold color in the glass. Explosive nose of fresh cut Seckel Pear, raw honey, elderflowers, fresh vanilla beans and white spices. Sappy and luscious palate, with waves of ripe exotic fruits, notably pineapple, baked quince, wild limes, as well as honeycomb, almond oil and a nervy minerality. Finished totally dry, the zesty acidity makes it a natural with the freshest seafood, simply prepared. A great brunch or bistro wine, and a wonder with hard-to-pair foods like asparagus and artichokes.
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About Vinum Cellars:

Vinum Cellars is a collaboration of winemakers Richard Bruno and Chris Condos, who first became friends while they were students at UC Davis. They share a long standing passion for Chenin Blanc and fondness for the more obscure grape varieties. After graduation, Chris went to work for Pine Ridge as Enologist, and Richard went to Bonny Doon as their distiller. Shortly after, their friendship was solidified over Chenin Blanc with the creation of their first wine "Pointe Blanc". Currently the Vinum Cellars team is working with over 10 grape varieties from Placer County Cabernet Franc to San Benito County Viognier. In addition to the Vinum Cellars partnership, they are employed as winemakers: Chris with Kathryn Kennedy Winery and Richard as a Napa winemaking consultant.