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Date Printed: 4/21/2015
Villa Pozzi Moscato 2011
Villa Pozzi Moscato 2011
(search item no. 117257)
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PRICE ON 4/21/2015: $9.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Fresh aromas of white and tropical fruits which leave a sweet but never obvious palate. The finish is very clean and pleasant inviting to another glass.

Pair with raw fish, tasty aperitifs, seasoned cheese with honey.

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About Villa Pozzi:

The Pozzi Family is originally from Cremona, in Northern Italy. Cremona is a small but culturally rich city. Here, people have always enjoyed a relaxed lifestyle, lots of great food and of course, excellent wine.

Growth, like the vine, knows no boundaries. Therefore, several years ago the family decided to export wines worldwide. In the United States they joined with the Deutsch Family, an importer, and together consistently increased Villa Pozzi's presence in the U.S. Daniele Pozzi - the 4th generation family winemaker - continues to catapult the inspiring legacy and tradition of the Pozzi family wine business into the future.