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Date Printed: 5/27/2017
Tenuta Polvaro Dulcis (500ML) 2010
Tenuta Polvaro Dulcis (500ML) 2010
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Wine Enthusiast rating: 92 points
PRICE ON 5/27/2017: $15.99

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This fruity, sweet wine has characteristics of delicate flowers and rich honey balanced by a moderate level of acidity. Intense scent with sent of vanilla and violet flower. Golden color, brilliant yellow.

Ideal with pastries, all types of sweets, and almonds.

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About Tenuta Polvaro:

The Tenuta Polvaro estate was founded by the Polvaro family in 1681. This noble Venetian family completely transformed the original forest plot into beautifully cultivated fields suitable for growing the finest grapes. They built the manor house, "barchessa" (open barn) and sacred chapel, both of which we still admire today.

The Candoni De Zan family has purchased the Tenuta Polvaro estate and has brought it back to its original beauty and splendor with respect to its seventeenth century architecture. The vineyard itself has also undergone a gradual restoration process. The soil has been delicately worked in order to preserve its natural fertilization and structure. The Candoni De Zan family placed supreme importance to giving proper respect to the natural landscape and surrounding environment during their restoration process.