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Date Printed: 1/24/2017
Tempus Alba Preludio Malbec 2006
Tempus Alba Preludio Malbec 2006
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PRICE ON 1/24/2017: $13.79

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100% Malbec

Aromas of strawberries, coffee, caramel, vanilla, and plum. Very rich, big fleshy mouth feel with a long finish.

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About Tempus Alba:

In our winery we use grapes from our own vines grown in "La Alborada", "El Retorno" and "San Antonio" vineyards. Together they amount to 270 acres (110 hectares) and they are located in the privileged areas of Luján de Cuyo, Maipú and Tupungato. Their altitudes range from 2,600 to 3,950 feet (800 to 1.200 meters) above sea level.

The soils are of alluvial origin, ranging from deep to shallow, rocky, with good drainage and moderate fertility. The weather is mild and dry, with sunny days and cool nights; and with a wide thermal amplitude between daytime and night-time, thus contributing to an excellent tannin development and a very good color and aroma concentration in our grapes.