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Date Printed: 2/10/2016
Taltarni Heathcote Shiraz 2005
Taltarni Heathcote Shiraz 2005
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Australian Wine Companion rating: 95 points
Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points
PRICE ON 2/10/2016: $33.99

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2006 Australian Wine Companion rating: 94 points
2004 Australian Wine Companion rating: 96 points
2004 Wine Spectator rating: 90 points
2004 International Wine Cellar rating: 90 points
2003 Wine Spectator rating: 92 points
2003 Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points
2003 Australian Wine Companion rating: 90 points

Winemaker's Notes:

Deep purple with distinct deep violet edges. Richer in fruit flavors, this wine displays a beautiful assortment of chocolate and vanilla aromas supported by big sweet berry red berries and fresh ripe plums, reminiscent of grandma's tasty home made jam. Exceptional structure, a well-balanced wine with soft chalky tannins and immersed with luscious dark cherry ripe flavours. Full bodied with a lasting enticing palate.

Serving and cellaring suggestions: Released in limited quantities, Taltarni Heathcote Shiraz is a rich flavored wine to enjoy young and fresh. A splendid match with roast meats and an ideal partner for a cheese platter.

Cellaring: 10 years +

My Notes:

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About Taltarni:

Established in 1969, Taltarni was one of the founding wineries in the iron-rich Pyrenees wine region in Victoria. John Goelet, a direct descendant of the Guestier wine merchant family of Bordeaux, discovered the Taltarni Vineyard through a worldwide search for a site comparable to the great vineyards of Bordeaux. From the outset, Taltarni has a strong French influence with the initial plantings of Bordeaux varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Soon after, Taltarni extended its plantings with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay. The Goelet family also sources Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Taltarni has built its reputation on elegant sparkling wines that are crafted using methode traditionale techniques, as wells as producing exceptional red and white wines. The distinctive labels, featuring a 17th century cartouche, represent the attention to detail and the French elegance and finesses that are hallmarks of all Taltarni wines.