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Date Printed: 4/18/2015
St. Barthelemy Cellars Syrah Port Borra Vineyard (375ML half-bottle) 2003
St. Barthelemy Cellars Syrah Port Borra Vineyard (375ML half-bottle) 2003
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PRICE ON 4/18/2015: $14.99

Winemaker's Notes:

This Syrah port has a lush, dark inky red hue. Slight aromas of chocolate and caramel are combined with cedar, coffee, and herbs. A burst of flavors hits your mouth up front, especially spicy black pepper. A complex combination of spicy cloves, cherry, black licorice and cocoa is followed by a clean finish. The Syrah is nicely paired with a good milk chocolate or a rich spice cake.
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About St. Barthelemy Cellars:

This family venture into the wine business started just a few years ago in 2000. After living in the beautiful Napa Valley for 20 years and enjoying the fruits of everyone else’s labors, Bart and Cynthia Barthelemy decided to join the fun. Since then, they’ve found that not only is it fun but very hard work! They asked their daughter, Angelique, and her husband, Jason, if they would like to join forces and help build and grow the new company. The idea was to take a different path than most of the vintners in the wine business and become a port-only winery. Varietal ports, made from the wonderful, high-quality grapes grown in California that would focus on the individual traits of each varietal.