Southern Italy

Abruzzi, Puglia, & Campania


Kind of central, kind of southern, this region is best known for it's wine, Montapulciano d'Abruzzi – this wine is made from the Montelpulciano grape, unlike Vino Nobile di Montelpulciano, made with a Sangiovese clone in the region of Montelpuliciano. The Montelpulciano grape is happiest here in Abruzzi and the wine is rustic, yet soft and often fruity. The best part is that it's also good value and super food-friendly.


Sometimes called Apuglia outside of Italy, the area is known for making wine from the Zinfandel-related Primitivo variety. It sits on the Adriatic coast, facing Greece, and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. A productive wine region, Puglia makes a lot of wine, some of it not so high quality. Luckily, the good wine is exported and is of excellent value.


Perhaps better known for the city of Naples than the wine produced, Campania does have a couple of wines worth recognition. First, the white known as Greco di Tufo – an indigenous variety, Greco produces white wine that is dry, with a subtle nutty flavor. The best-known red here is Taurasi, made from the Aglianico grape, producing a wine of distinct color and flavor, with aromas of tar and leather.
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