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Date Printed: 6/27/2017
Sobon Estate Reserve Rose 2012
Sobon Estate Reserve Rose 2012
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PRICE ON 6/27/2017: $7.99

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A splendid example of the new wave of Rosé wines, which are creating quite a buzz in the wine world. The aromas are as fresh as a bowl of just-picked cherries; with flavors to match. The wine is crisp, fruity and refreshing; with a round dry finish.
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About Sobon Estate Winery:

The Sobon Estate winery started in 1989 when Leon and Shirley Sobon bought each other a second winery for their 30th wedding anniversary present. They purchased the historic D'Agostini winery, one of the oldest in the state. This site was chosen not only for its historical winery, but also its vineyards and vineyard land. The Sobon Estate label launched the estate line of wines from the Sobon Family, the best from their own grapes.