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Date Printed: 4/27/2015
Seppeltsfield Para Port Vintage Tawny (375ML half-bottle) 1908
Seppeltsfield Para Port Vintage Tawny (375ML half-bottle) 1908
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The Wine Advocate rating: 100 points
Australian Wine Companion rating: 100 points
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Winemaker's Notes:

Seppeltsfield's extraordinary vintage Para Port is released annually when it is 100 years old. Three 500-liter casks are produced (from a blend of Mataro, Shiraz, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon), with two used for topping over the 100 year aging process, before the one remaining cask is bottled at age 100. According to the winery, over the course of 100 years, the Beaume peaks and then stabilizes when the wine reaches 50 to 70 years of age. The acidity also peaks and stabilizes at around age 50. At age 100, the balance between sugar, acid, and alcohol is considered ideal and the wine is ready to be bottled and sold. As best I can tell, the wine is timeless; the 1877 was incredibly intense and concentrated with no end in sight.
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About Seppeltsfield:

The Seppeltsfield vineyard is one of the largest and most historic in the Barossa Valley, having been initially planted in the 1850s. It comprises nearly 100 hectares of Barossa’s traditional grape varieties Shiraz and Grenache, with Cabernet Sauvignon ( more recently introduced ) and the traditional European fortified varieties of Touriga (for VP –‘vintage port” style) and Palomino (for the “sherry” styles). Some of the grapes from this vineyard are targeted at the very highest products from the Penfolds stable- Grange, St Henri and RWT Shiraz. A VIP (Vineyard Improvement Programme) is in place to ensure the very highest standard of fruit is produced for the next century or two!