An essential white grape of Bordeaux, Semillon is a golden-berried goddess, producing some of the longest-lasting white wines ever made. It's the pride and joy of areas like Sauternes and Barsac for its ability to incur botrytis, or noble rot. The grape takes well to the fungus and in turn produces rich, golden, nectar-like wines that are truly decadent.

Notable Facts
The grape is a heavier grape, with low acids and an almost oily texture. It's easy to grow and high-yielding, although in Bordeaux, the vines are older and produce less fruit so that the grapes on the vine have more flavor. Semillon can in fact produce a dry wine of high quality. The great dry white wines of Bordeaux are made with up to 100% Semillon, although Sauvignon Blanc is often a blending partner. Semillon has also found a happy home in the Hunter Valley region of Australia, where it is sometimes blended with Sauvignon Blanc.

Summing it up
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Bordeaux, Australia, California

Common Descriptors:
Sweet Styles: honey, beeswax, vanilla, lanolin, toast
Dry Styles: lemon, stone fruit, grass

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