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Date Printed: 6/28/2017
Seavey Caravina 1999
Seavey Caravina 1999
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PRICE ON 6/28/2017: $37.99

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In 1998, we bottled without label as an experimental "house wine" several barrels of red wine not included in the main blend, and we and other family members and friends have drunk it at table when looking for a more approachable wine. Based on the good reception this wine has had, we have decided to make approximately 150 cases of the 1999 vintage, label it "Caravina, " and offer it to a broader group. The name "Caravina", of Latin root, means to us "dear vine," a tribute to the individual vine, the basic element of our precious vineyard. Caravina does not have a varietal designation for it is a potential blend of any and all of our estate grown red grapes not used in our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot main blends. We are convinced that Caravina will be a delightful addition to our own table, and are pleased to offer it to our customers and friends.
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