For the last five generations, members of the Scilio family have continued to cultivate their vineyards on Sicily’s famous volcano "ETNA", producing high quality wines. Wines that appeal to persons that appreciate and enjoy the good things of life, that follow their hearts desire, but nonetheless expect excellence.

The grapes we grow in Valle Galfina are the product of both the older vines and the more recent replanted vineyards that in harmony lie on Etna's unique and fertile "terroir" on the north-eastern slopes of the volcano. 1815 is the date hewn on the lava stone built cellar and commemorates the first grape harvest of the estate. Since then year after year, each generation has respected the traditional attention and passion that is the life and soul of their dedication to producing wines, nevertheless always keeping an eye to the future. The result are wines with a strong personality, a inebriating reflection of our volcanic terroir, appreciated the world over for the balance and elegance that makes them unique.

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