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Date Printed: 4/25/2015
Scherrer Winery Scherrer Vineyard Old and Mature Vines Zinfandel 2005
Scherrer Winery Scherrer Vineyard Old and Mature Vines Zinfandel 2005
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Connoisseurs' Guide rating: 95 points
PRICE ON 4/25/2015: $28.99

Winemaker's Notes:

This wine represents the labor of three generations of the Scherrer family — most of the vines that produced this wine were planted in 1912. It was bottled without fining or filtration to capture the beauty and personality of the Scherrer Vineyard. Although enjoyable in its youth, it should age and develop gracefully for 5 to 10 years after the vintage.

The 2005 OMV Zinfandel is both spicy and fruity, with many layers: red, blue and black fruits, and a minerality and earthiness that made me anxious to bottle it so I could conveniently take some home. During its time in the barrel, I had to keep reminding myself that pushing the bottling date out as far as possible is a very good thing for our Zinfandels.

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About Scherrer Winery:

Everyone seems to believe in doing minimal manipulation with the goal of letting the vineyard site speak. Additionally, I try to make good tasting wine that will age well. Since grapes do not walk off the vines and into the winery, let alone into barrels and bottles, we must actually do something with the grapes and wine along the way from time to time. Rest assured that I do try to get in the way as little as possible while trying to achieve the desired outcome. Most of our work is done and choices are made during the harvest season. Afterward, there is little reason to touch a wine on a wonderful trajectory. With the exception of our Dry Rosé, all our wines are bottled without fining or filtration.

I regularly underplay the wines' provenance rather than overplay it. This causes some confusion and frustrates merchants who sell our wines. For this, I offer my apologies. I am, however, unlikely to change this deeply engrained habit.