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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
Santa Carolina Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc (1.5 L) 1999
Santa Carolina Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc (1.5 L) 1999
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PRICE ON 5/22/2015: $11.99

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Cool weather allows this yellow-green blend to retain the sweet aroma of pineapple, pear, peach and banana. It is a fruity, fresh and soft wine with delicate complexity. It is best enjoyed with your favorite salads, white meats, fish and seafood.
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About Vina Santa Carolina:

The year was 1875. When Don Luis Pereira came to Chile with vinestocks from Bordeaux France and a dream to create an unforgettable wine. An elixir of such romance and intrigue, he could find no name more perfect than that of his cherished wife, Doña Carolina Iñiguez. And so, his creation would be called Viña Santa Carolina.

From the time that he transplanted the first vines to the virgin Chilean landscape, an unmatched tradition of excellence in wine making began. From that day forward, the name Viña Santa Carolina became a symbol of excellence in winemaking, both in Chile and throughout the world. And the vineyards would remain for all time as a tribute to their enduring love.

The original wine cellar of Viña Santa Carolina is now a national monument and Santiago's only standing building constructed of cal y canto, a mixture of egg white and limestone that was once the city's trademark. Some of the original vinestocks are still yielding vintage wine today - a rare feat, credited to Chile's natural geographical protection from the phylloxera plague that has periodically ravaged the vineyards of France and California. Thus, Viña Santa Carolina's classic varietals boast some of the world's longest pedigrees.