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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
Saiya Brewery Yuki No Bosha Sake (300ML)
Saiya Brewery Yuki No Bosha Sake (300ML)
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This junmai ginjo is a favorite with new and seasoned sake drinkers alike. It is soft and light on the palate, with a delightful fruitiness characterized by peaches, strawberries and papaya. It finishes with a white pepper spice.

Best served chilled, it complements light foods like salad, sushi and sashimi. It also cools down spicey Asian foods or can also be paired with very salty or rich foods, as well as certain cheeses and desserts.

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About Saiya Brewery:

Founded in 1902 by Yataro Saito and now managed by the fifth-generation, Kotaro Saito, the Saiya Shuzouten is a hidden gem in the sake world. Since their inception, they have put our focus on using their own in-house yeast and milling rice properly. Fermentation takes place in a kura where the kurabito (brewers) all work in unison, and the sounds of traditional sake brewing songs can still be heard.