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Date Printed: 12/3/2016
Rudolph Muller Riesling Kabinett 2004
Rudolph Muller Riesling Kabinett 2004
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PRICE ON 12/3/2016: $9.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Intense flavors of ripe apples, peach and citrus with beautiful mineral accents." Perfect with seafood, chicken, veal and lightly spiced cuisine. 8.1% alchohol." 40.7 g/L of residual sugar." 7.9 g/L total acidity.

Founded in"1919 Rudolf Muller is one of the most traditional and respected wine producers in the Mosel Valley. Their state of the art winery and long-term grower contracts guarantee the first class quality of the wines.""
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About Rudolph Muller:

The Wine Cellar Rudolf Muller is one of the most traditional and respected wine producers in the Mosel valley. The corporate philosophy is founded on the principles of quality, continuity, solidity and innovation. The owning families continue to be firmly involved in the running of the business.

Quality control starts with the careful selection of the grapes, musts and wines, which are then subjected to stringent chemical analysis and must pass severe sensory tests before being purchased. Diligent craftmanship and the long years of experience are part of Rudolph Muller's tradition. Modern wine cellar technology and innovative production methods guarantee continual first class quality of their wines.

Rudolf Muller sets the standard for the finest of qualities during the making of our wines by using the newest technical devices. During the bottling process, the specific gravity of the wines is continually spotchecked to ensure the highest possible quality. An ultramodern computer-controlled bottling plant guarantees the high quality of their wines as well as effective production from start to finish. Through every step of production from buying to bottling, Rudoplh Muller's wines are systematically checked and analysed by their own officially licensed laboratory.