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Date Printed: 4/19/2015
Rock Sake Junmai Daiginjo (375ML half-bottle)
Rock Sake Junmai Daiginjo (375ML half-bottle)
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PRICE ON 4/19/2015: $18.99

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Combining ancient Japanese artisan tradition with modern technology, Rock Saké brings the best of Asian refinement to the American palate. Its smooth, fresh flavor is hand crafted, using only the finest ingredients - all natural rice and pure water from the coastal mountain ranges of Oregon. It has light floral and sweet citrus on the nose, and a perfectly balanced body with hints of rock melon and an even finish.
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About Rock Sake:

It all began back in the 3rd century when Japanese artisans milled rice to create the first sake. Rock Sake uses the same handcrafted techniques to make our very own artisanal sake in the US. The rice is grown in Northern California, and Rock Sake is brewed to perfection in small batches using only pure mountain spring water from the Pacific Northwest. Rock Sake is the best locally raised, farm-to-bottle sake you will ever taste.