Robertson Winery is an important role player in the South African wine industry. Our trend-setting and progressive winery had its humble beginnings in a charming missionary church on the outskirts of Robertson, and its history is closely linked to that of the town.

The today prosperous town of Robertson was named after Dr William Robertson, a Scottish minister who arrived in South Africa in 1822. Amongst his many congregations in this vast country was an area known as “Over Het Roode Zand”. When in 1852 the community established a town, they named it Robertson in recognition and appreciation of his many services.

During the late 19th century a worker community occupied the land where the Robertson Winery now stands. They built a stone church and their congregation was serviced by missionaries. When Robertson Winery was established in 1941, the small church was no longer in use and the winery acquired the building for its winemaking and cellaring operations. Today, the historic church still plays an important part in the maturation of our wines and features as the proud emblem on our labels.

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