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Date Printed: 7/26/2016
Raymond Field Blend R Collection 2008
Raymond Field Blend R Collection 2008
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PRICE ON 7/26/2016: $13.29

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Our 2008 R Collection Field Blend is a complement to any occasion, whether it be a casual dinner at home or a more formal gathering with friends and family. Aromas of ripe red fruit and spice immediately capture your attention and entice you to taste. Flavors of tangy raspberries, fresh-picked blueberries, and ground white peppercorns explode in your mouth, with a delightfully rich profile from the front of the palate through the back. This full-bodied wine is well balanced with smooth, juicy tannins that make it an approachable, food-friendly wine. Recommended pairings include marinated steak kabobs, pasta with marinara or Alfredo sauce, and grilled portabella mushrooms with a balsamic vinaigrette.
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About Raymond Vineyard:

For generations, Raymond Vineyards has been an integral part of the Napa Valley, with now five generations of viticultural and winemaking expertise. Our new winemaking team captures the essence of the past while infusing the energy of the future and the vibrancy of the next generation into each and every wine. “It is important to retain the core foundation that made this brand legendary in Napa Valley, while keeping the style fresh and relevant to today’s wine drinkers” says Stephanie Putnam.

In addition to our top-notch winemakers and viticulturalists, Raymond has also tapped into a world-renowned winemaker, Phillipe Melka, to assist on our high-end Cabernets and complement the inherent strengths of the team.

As for a specific style, the team aims for the three B’s – Big, Bold, Balanced – yet with refinement and elegance. This philosophy lends itself well to the underlying principal of terroir that dates back thousands of years where the interrelationship between soil, climate, and plant are enhanced by the passion of people to convey an authentic sense of place. Our winemaking team allows the purest expression of the fruit to reign, with aromas and flavors that fill your glass and your palate with wines that are unmistakably powerful, intriguingly complex, and beautifully integrated.