When we talk about a land, vineyards and wine, a family story like the one of the Primosic family is often the story made of proper names of lands naturally propitious for grape ripening (The Collio) but above all of names of people who have created a centuries-old tradition with their work.

Although the land registers from Maria Theresa’s reign time mention some names of the first tenant farmers paying their duty to the monks of the nearby Sabotino mountain just with wine, the first name that tells the family story is the one of Carlo Primosic. At the end of 800 he provided merchants with wine which was transported in big wooden barrels from what was at that moment the south of the Austrian-Hungarian empire to Vienna.

The World War I was a disaster both for the people and the plantations on the Collio and in Gorizia. It wasn’t possible to recover from the destruction and the family tragedies until the World War II was over. The first private sales in the 50’s and the influence of young Veneto oenologists enabled Silvano Primosic to relaunch and specialize his wine production activity. The first grape harvest was bottled in 1956 and soon arrived the expressions of recognition of quality from Italy and abroad.

In 1967 The Collio Society was founded and Silvano was one of its first supporters: no wonder that the "number one" bottle of the society came exactly from the Primosics’ company.

The most important events of the recent family story were the ten-year stages such as building the new wine- shop and the present centre in 1979 and starting the quality selection in 1989. This way the wines which express the Primosics’ "philosophy" have been created: the Klin and the Gmajne-the names that derive from the oral tradition, the plots and lands where the Primosic grapes grow.

Today the people in charge of the grapevines and the wine cellar are Marko and Boris who are Carlo’s great-grandsons.

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