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Date Printed: 4/18/2015
Pommery POP Extra Dry (187ML Split)
Pommery POP Extra Dry (187ML Split)
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PRICE ON 4/18/2015: $53.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Impertinent and deliberately out of step, POP is a champagne with a determined commitment to the future - designed for lovers of beauty and non-conformity who are looking for new sensations. POP, is the sound of the cork leaving the bottle, conjuring up the spontaneous high spirits of party-time.

With its quarter-bottle format in blue glass, POP is your introduction to an authentic cuvée, adapted for the pleasure of drinking as and when you want. POP introduces a new style of consumption: you can drink it through a straw or even straight from the bottle - its even more chic!

A nomad product, POP is the party champagne that you can take wherever you go and enjoy whenever you want. POP - collective individualism with a hint of scandal

My Notes:

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About Champagne Pommery:

Pommery has always been avant-garde, but moderness would mean nothing without tradition. Tradition and savoir-faire, the art of blending just the right mixture of crus to create a champagne that is luminous, light, tender and lively. Such is the legacy handed down by Madame Pommery from generation to generation. It is all part of the Pommery style - natural elegance.