Podere Salicutti

The olive grove and the vineyards of Podere Salicutti rest on a large natural amphitheater, with a spectacular view of the Orcia Valley, Mount Amiata, woods and cultivated fields.

In the middle of this charming natural scene rests the Salicutti estate. An estate that prides itself on the production of high quality wines made by organic methods.

Organic agriculture represents the search for a balance between agriculture and the natural processes that regulate the life and development of a plant.

The organic product, with respect for the environment and the consumer, embodies the values of "total quality." Organic production does not permit the use of any chemical products for fertilization and prevention of parasites. The goal is also to enhance the fertility of the soil through non violent measures, by under-plowing and the use of strictly organic products. Organic viticulture is only viable in areas with optimal altitude, sun exposure and soil, all of which Salicutti possesses.

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